Wren Fireplaces Marble and Granite Works, has extensive showrooms and manufacturing facilities in Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. Established in 1979 Wren is highly regarded within the marketplace for quality products and excellent service. A thorough attention to detail, faultless delivery of quality products, superior workmanship and dedicated customer service are the hallmarks of the company.

Staff loyalty is high and the company has the best available in their field. You will find they are highly skilled and extensively experienced in their areas of expertise; be it manufacturing, product installation, consultation /advisory or customer assistance.

The showrooms display a wide range of different fireplaces and stoves in beautifully decorated in convivial settings together with lighting insert stoves and many other stove brands exhibited to assist clients in selecting the optimal solution for their requirements. Similarly, you can verify the excellent fabrication and design standards in the kitchen worktops, countertops, stairs, architrave, wall cladding and vanity units on display in beautiful materials comprising best quality marble, granite, quartz, Silestone and more.

To learn more about Granite worktops, Granite countertops, Fireplaces, and Stoves in Kildare, contact us today.

Wren Fireplaces Ltd.


We have assembled a sample collection here from our extensive range of classic and contemporary fireplaces.

Wren Fireplaces Ltd.


Stoves are becoming more and more popular, with many people using theirs as a way of heating the whole home.

Wren Fireplaces Ltd.


Our worktops are the essence of shape, function and form joined into one to create the ultimate in style.

WREN Customised Collection

Wren's design unique handcrafted marble and granite pieces, built to customers specifications.

Wren Fireplaces Marble and Granite

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